Bio-based materials, eco-materials, self-healing materials, programmable smart materials, shape memory materials, geopolymers-based materials, among others, represent different research and innovation trends in the field of construction materials. Investigations in these research areas aim to address major issues such as reducing the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process, improving energy efficiency in new constructions, valorizing industrial by-products, preserving natural resources, and ensuring long-term durability and functionality of structures.

Organized by the "Association of Hassan 1st University of Energies and Materials," the 1st International Congress on "Construction Materials: Sustainability, Innovation, and Performance (CIMaCoDIP24)" aims to be a scientific event where Moroccan and international university researchers and industry professionals working in the field of construction materials will present and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences in these different research areas. This international event will also serve as an opportunity to strengthen the partnership between the University and the industrial sector through a roundtable discussion held at the end of the conference.

The first edition of CIMaCoDIP23 will take place at the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques in Settat from May 15-16, 2024. All papers presented during the conference will be reviewed by the scientific committee for selection to be published in specialized international journals indexed in the SCOPUS database.









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